pension for the loss of bread-winner

When citizens apply for pension on the loss of breadwinner, the following documents must be attached to their applications:

  • birth certificate or passport confirming the age of the person who is being appointed pension;
  • The documents confirming the relationship of the family member with the deceased breadwinner (certificate on marriage, certificate of cancellation of marriage, in case of its absence - extract from records of civil status acts, certificate from competent authorities or officials of foreign states);
  • certificate of death of the breadwinner or decision of the court on loss of his / her disappearance;
  • a document confirming the seniority of the deceased, including the special seniority;
  • Copy of the deceased breadwinner's accumulative pension book (after 1 January 2005);
  • reference on wages of the deceased breadwinner.

In addition, the followings are submitted if necessary:

  • reference of the self-governing body on family  structure of dependents of the deceased breadwinner;
  • The reference of educational institution on confirming that family members of breadwinner are considered between 16 and 18.
  • reference of the self-governing body of the citizens on  confirming  parents, spouse, grandmother, brother or sister of the deceased breadwinner that they don't work and are engaged in caring for breadwinner's child under the age of three, brothers, siblings or grandchildren.
  • document on health damage due to accident or in enterprise, or another official document  if disability caused by labor disability.

In the case of necessity, other documents (which belong to the breadwinner) required to appoint an age related pension, will be submitted

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)