Disability allowances

In case of disability, disability allowance is granted and paid to persons with disabilities of I and II groups who do not have a seniority, regardless of their age, for permanent or long-term disability.

In accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan of November 9, 2012 № 4482 from December 1, 2012, the allowance is paid in the amount of 95,520 soums per month.

Appointment and payment of pensions is carried out by the district (city) divisions of the Off-budget Pension Fund under the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

A copy of the passport or birth certificate must be attached to the application.

The Department of Pension Fund adds to the application a copy of the medical certificate of medical examination issued by medical and labor expert commission to the application.

Medical examination of citizens to determine the degree of restriction of the ability to work (with permanent or long-term disability) is carried out by medical and labor expert commissions (MLEC).

in the case of determining a citizen as  incapable of work or the impossibility (or contraindication) of work, MLEC makes an appropriate conclusion about a permanent or long term disability.

Disabled persons of group I and  II group who work or have other sources of earnings (with the exception of receiving alimony or scholarships) do not receive an allowance.

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