Pension payment


The pension is paid to non-working pensionersby Pension fund division through post or at will of the pensioner through branch of commercial bank by transfer of money to accounts of citizens.

If the working pensioner in connection with dismissal hasn’t received the pension sum in a full amount at his work place, the amount of pension due to the payment is paid by the Pension fund department in the size established by the legislation.


Pension payment by a letter of attorney:


Pension payment can be made by a letter of attorney issued according to the legislation.

The letter of attorney must be kept in structural units of the post. Thus the structural unit of the post is obliged in ten-day term from the date of submission by the principal of the letter of attorney to send to  divisionof the Pension fund a copy of the letter of attorney.

Illegally received sum of pension in connection with the untimely notice of division of the Pension fund on approach of the above-stated circumstances is subject to return from the pensioner or the legal representative (parent), and also the attorney (in case of deliberate concealment of the fact of death of the pensioner).

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